Ewha Workbook 1-1

After the long wait -apparently because of the 설날- the book came yesterday and I didn’t waste a second to open it.
My mom who was with me, couldn’t help herself and she said: “Ow you will be doing exercises just as when you where a kid !! Do you know ? that remembers me your books as a kid ” and I couldn’t help but laugh at her comment.
Anyway as I promised I will be doing a review, but since I just started to use it I will call it my Pre-review… Yes I think I like the name …

The workbook is in Korean and just Korean so at first I found it difficult to understand what was I supposed to do -since the instructions are in korean – I tried using google translate and a dictionary but it took to much time and it still wasn’t clear. But as I continued I found it easier. Each exercise has an example, so if you don’t understand the instructions, you just need to carefully look at the example and follow it, it will get easier with time…

The first chapter -as in the book- is about Hangeul, they make sure that you have a lot of audio to follow and repeat, so that later you dont have problems with your pronunciation and understanding.

Besides the first chapter the rest of the book follows the same pattern. At the beginning you have around 4 different exercises to review the vocabulary, then you complete and create some scentences using the vocabulary and grammar learned in that lesson.
The next section is “speaking” here there is a “conversation” and there is a black space, underneath the space there are options and you must choose the best option. There is also a listening and writing section.

Speaking exercise
Vocabulary exercise
"Getting Ready" Section

Until now I can say that it is helpful and very complete, but a workbook isn’t for everyone -it seems that it isn’t for me- and while the workbook has several different exercises -and I have barely completed two chapters- for me it as a waste of time and I rather just work on the textbook. I don’t know if I will buy the next workbook, I need to keep working on this one first and decide if I like it or not.

*I am almost done with the first textbook so that may be the reason why I am not enjoying the workbook, I found some of the exercises too easy -specially on the Hangeul chapter- and since I already understood the topic weeks ago it wasn’t challenging so that may be the reason why I found it boring. But it seems that if you use it at the same time it is very helpful… I just ordered to late. 


Korean Numbers

As I keep studying I am finding myself confused and disappointed on my progress with the numbers, I keep counting everything in sino-korean numbers and even doing that it is hard.

If I am reading a text and there is a date or anything containing a number, I automatically get this frustrating sensation -at this point I am getting used to feel frustrated everyday *sights* – I don’t remember what am I supposed to read in sino-korean and in native Korean numbers and I can’t go back to read my notes because when I read the most is when I am outside my house.

Okay so now I have to think of ways to adress this problem and I am failing miserably, I downloaded some apps and I will start to use them tomorrow, I will also search some lessons and videos specifically for numbers… And keep reading … 

I know that many of my post are about how frustrated I feel and I need to remember to write more about how good I feel when I overcome that sensation, that feeling over confidence  progress, and pride. That’s the best part of the journey, and I don’t want to look back and read my post and read all this “frustrated” posts. So I hope that this will be the last one, and that the next post is more possitive !

화이팅 ! 💪 It may seem hard sometimes, but never give up !

Call me crazy but…

Okay so yesterday I was watching The Madagascar Pinguins, the movie and I am sure that there was a small moment when I heard a Wonder girls song ! I am sooo sure ! it was in the background and it wasn’t to loud, I waited all the way until the end but I didn’t saw the song on the credits 😓. I really feel like I am going crazy, and now I will have to go and watch it again -not that it is a problem- YAY ! I love that movie and I love Private he is so cute 🐧.

Anyway I know that this has nothing to do with Korean language learning but I just got exited to hear a kpop song on a movie and then I just felt crazy… 😅

Enjoy the weekend!

Studying Methods:

Should I study with a teacher? Is self studying better?

The ultimate opinion depends on you, what do you like more, what works better for you, and your time? But on this post I want to share my experiences and opinions, if it can help you to make a decision, then I will be more than happy but I would still recommend you to try all the aviable options until you find the one that works the best for you.

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Note to Self #2:

When you are studying the flashcards, don’t just study the words from English to Korean, yes learning how to write and say the word -in Korean- is important, since for now on you will be translating the words in your mind -at least while you are a beginner- but what happens when you are reading or talking to someone ?
It is taking you a lot of time to recognize simple words -when they are written in Korean- even thought you know them perfectly !


Also try to learn -or at least be familiar- with the words of the next chapter or lesson -be a step ahead-  that way at the moment that you are studying you can concentrate on the grammar -that is hard enough for you- and you can practice the vocabulary with the phraces and exercises, but you won’t feel so lost and everything will seem easier 🍰.

Note to self #1:


It is important to remember that when learning a language -or anything- sometimes you won’t understand a concept and it is okay, you shouldn’t stuck there keep going and you will see that later on it will be easier, and in one point you will understand a concept. Just don’t give up, it is okay to go back and it is okay to go further, try not to feel frustrated.

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Hey Eonni Request

As I said before I wanted to order Ewha Korean 1-1 workbook, but I don’t want to ask my dad for more money so I am paying this time … I tried to search on amazingseanonline.com -where I ordered Ewha Korean 1-1 – but it was too expensive and I am not to good at saving so my budget is low – specialty since I want to keep saving to buy more books- I looked at all the stores and did an exhaustive search but nothing
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